About charli & kate

The Charli & Kate philosophy is simple – our aim is to empower our guests to truly understand and love their hair. Our company was named after our 14-month-old twin girls who capture the concepts of love, innocence, family, beauty, growth and development – all important elements of the Charli & Kate brand.

We provide a ‘total salon experience’ that engages our guests. A great salon requires more than just skilled stylists: our blend of professional skills and attention to guests really makes the difference. Our consultations are honest, caring, inspiring and passionate, with stylists that are trained to embrace the art of listening to our guests. This means you’ll feel comfortable with your style choices and have your expectations met (or exceeded!) with every visit.

We’re committed to ongoing professional development so our team has a cutting edge. We specialise in ‘big occasion’ styling, but can also give you on-trend hair for everyday confidence. Charli & Kate use premium ‘salon only’ hair brands that align with our philosophy of excellence, sustainability and customer commitment.

Our Story

Charli & Kate was inspired by the desire to create a salon that celebrates and respects the art of stylists, but also makes our guests proud to show off their beautiful hair.

In the last decade stylists have gone from true style artists to a role defined and minimised by how quickly and cheaply they can cut hair. Well, we’re raising the bar and at the same time raising awareness and appreciation for our master hairstylists. Our team are trained by experts with the highest global standards and contemporary techniques. Meaning you get the ultimate salon experience – and confidence that comes with great looking hair!

We take our guests on a journey and want them to feel comfortable enough to experiment. Our stylists carefully consider each guest’s personal attributes and limitations – we can create the perfect on-trend style as well as advise on style management and additional styling options throughout the seasons. The Charli & Kate philosophy believes in the importance of building comfortable relationships with our guests, relationships that offer both highly professional service and interaction with our brand.


Our salon environment is relaxing and unique, with a comprehensive retail department focused on delivering ‘only the best’ every time. It’s our duty to know what products are right for each guest’s particular styling needs and hair type, and we’ll tell you why we’re using certain products too! It’s important to us that our suppliers share the Charli & Kate passion for celebrating the status and skills of today’s master stylists. We carefully select premium products so that our guests have meaningful, first class experiences.

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