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Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Limitless Volumizing Hot Brush

$169.95 AUD


Silver Bullet Limitless Volumizing Hot Brush

When a glossy, bouncy blow-dry is too time-consuming, reach for the amazingly fast and easy Silver Bullet Limitless Volumising Hot Brush. The humble hot brush gets a makeover with a unique design and incredible results. It’s as simple as brushing your way to ultra-smooth, volumised styles with added movement. Silver Bullet Limitless Volumising Hot Brush is designed with a rounded barrel and nylon bristles with increased resistance. The result? Superior grip and tension allows the hot brush to get far closer to the roots for an ultra-smooth finish, free from frizz. This is the ideal hot brush for curly, wavy and textured hair types prone to frizz. Designed for use on dry hair. Limitless frizz-free styles in mere moments!



  • Volumizing brush for curls, waves & straight hair
  • Smooths, Shines, Detangles & Volumizes
  • Heating elements between bristles to maximize volumizing
  • Ceramic Comb surfaces for frizz reduction
  • Fast Heat Up to 210 Degrees
  • Auto 60 min shut-down
  • Memory Function
  • Led Display
  • Dual Voltage
  • 2 Year Warranty


How to

  • For use on freshly washed hair, roughly dry hair first with a hair dryer.
  • Also great for refreshing and smoothing second and third day hair.
  1. Plug appliance into a power outlet.
  2. Press ON/OFF button (lower button) to turn on.
  3. Press temperature button (upper button) to select preferred temperature of 110°C, 160°C, 180°C, 200°C or 210°C
  4. Take small sections, wrap slightly to create tension and glide hair through brush.
  5. The brush can be used on straight or curly hair.
  6. When finished, hold down the ON/OFF button to turn it OFF and unplug from the power outlet.
  7. Allow the brush to completely cool down before storing in a safe, dry location.