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Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Diffuser



Get more style from your Airshot, designed to maximise your styling experience and deliver superlative results.
Each contoured finger works independently to lift and separate your hair, decreasing frizz, adding volume and helping to highlight your hair’s natural texture.
Our products are made for life, so the heat resistant material ensures you have a more durable styling experience.


  • Perfect for taming unruly curls.
  • The adjustable airflow allows the heat to be distributed evenly defining your curls.

How To

Attach to the end of your Cloud Nine dryer and Set on low or medium. Prep hair with your favourite curl or wave product, hair is best damp but not soaking wet. If hair is thick its best to divide into 2 sections.  To start, tilt your head to 1 side, Take a 2-inch section of hair and place it in the bowl of diffuser, Twisting the hair first will give the waves more definition. Using circular motions the diffuser's prongs will gently massage your hair, promoting volume as well as natural waves and curls. If you want to create more volume, use the diffuser right at the crown.