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Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Curling Wand 25mm

$335.00 AUD


Cloud Nine Cloud Nine Curling Wand 25mm

THE CLOUD NINE CURLING WAND is the ultimate tool for beachy waves or EFFORTLESS CURLS and volume.
Easy to use, the Cloud Nine Curling Wand creates an infinite number of styles including large curls, tight curls and soft waves - all with a smooth and long lasting glossy finish.
This versatile wand features a 25mm super-smooth, mineral infused, coated barrel which leaves hair looking smooth and continued. The variable temperature control allows you to choose the heat best suited to your hair, for kinder styling and lasting results.


  • The Curling Wand has a sleek, all-black design and comes packaged in a luxurious heat resistant bag for on the go use.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL- With a range of temperature settings from high, medium and low, you are free to choose the temperature which best suits your style and hair.
  • Mineral infused slow baked coated barrel polishes your hair, giving a healthy natural shine.

How To

Prep your hair with styling products and heat primer. On dry hair section with clips, starting at the nape. Take a 3-4 cm wide piece of hair. Place your wand vertically at the root, then twisting your hair around the wand. Hold between 2-4 seconds depending on desired result. Continue this technique, moving up your head, Wrapping hair away from the face and in the back you can alternate directions, to create a naturally curly look that’s both soft and bouncy. Finish with your favourite finishing products. 

Pro-Stylist Tip- Prep hair with  R+Co GRID Structural Hold Setting Spray prior to using wand and finish Hair with Oribe Dry Texture spray or R+Co SAIL Soft Wave Spray for beachy waves.