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Babyliss Pro

BaByliss PRO- Extrovert 30PC HOT ROLLERS

$240.00 AUD


BaByliss PRO- Extrovert 30PC HOT ROLLERS

Beautiful bouncy curls and waves are just a roll-a-way! The Extrovert is a professional hot roller set that features multi size rollers for styling versatility. 30 tourmaline- ceramic rollers in 4 sizes from small to jumbo make this a serious must have for those who take their styling seriously. Designed with modern technology of Cores generate far-infrared heat to eliminate damaging hot spots and the setter’s dual ionic ports emit millions of negative ions, reducing frizz and encouraging a smooth finish. Includes 30 smart clips to hold rollers in place making these rollers so easy to use and a folding arm allows the unit to be stored vertically saving space. 


  • 30 multi-size rollers for full, textured, loose or wavy curls – 8 jumbo, 8 large, 8 medium, 6 small
  • Ionic conditioning & tourmaline-ceramic reduces frizz & flyaways for an enhanced silky, smooth shine
  • Ribbed, lightweight rollers with cool touch ends for easy grip
  • 2 professional temperature settings with fast heat-up
  • Folding arm allows for flat or vertical positioning, ideal for salon & session work
  • 30 NEW design smart clips with storage pouch
  • 2 Year warranty 

How to

C&K styling tips-

1. Start with dry and smooth hair 

2. Prep with styling products ( thermal protection, volume sprays, setting spray)

3. Part your hair were desired- if you do not want a part that is OK you can roll hair down the centre part. 

4. Taking sections of hair around the same size as the roller work around your hair wrap your hair around the rollers and secure with a clip. The key to getting major volume when using hot rollers is direction- When you over-direct your hair one way and then lay it in the opposite direction, you’re creating lift in the hair. So when you place your rollers in, the angle at which you’re holding your hair out when rolling it down to the scalp is going to dictate how much volume you get once the roller is removed. 

5. Let the rollers sit in the hair and cool- around 15-20 minutes ( Perfect time to do your make-up) 

6. Remove the clips and gently allow the rollers to coil down rather than pulling on them. 

7. Finish your style by either brushing out curls to soften or running your fingers through your hair. A texture spray works well if your looking for a modern- soft textured curl.